Sunday, 31 August 2014

Murder Mystery Party

Hello again!

I wanted to tell you all about a murder mystery party that I attended last night as it was SO MUCH FUN! It's something a bit different for a get-together and can certainly be done on a budget, so I would urge you all to try one if you haven't already!

It was my friends who threw the party, and the game that they had chosen was Murder in the Thirties. They had bought a kit from Amazon (although other places stock them too) which included invitations, characters profiles, scripts, a CD of 1930s music and a DVD. It also included clues that were used throughout the night, as well as tips on what to eat etc. 
(Here is the link to this particular game

We had chosen our characters before the evening so we knew how to dress and our character name & profession, as well
as the scene of the murder & who had been killed, but that was it! Upon arrival we were given our character script which would form the dialogue for the evening. This included prompts, conversation starters & most importantly it told you whether or not you were the murderer (I will not give away who it was in case you decide to play this one!). It was a bit confusing at first but we all got into the swing of it quite quickly!

I have been to 2 murder mystery parties in the past, but they have been very different as they were acted out by the company hosting the event and we were the guests who had no part to play but to observe & try to uncover the murderer! This was a completely different experience & I have to say I loved it! The fact that we were fully immersed in the plot was so much fun & made the whodunit part even more exciting! We all had a great time & have all agreed to do another very shortly. I can't wait to see what the theme will be...I love any opportunity to dress up! 

Here are a few pics from the evening, try and guess who was the killer from these ;) 

This was me & my other half (funnily enough our characters were married in this game!)

A shocking reveal....?!

And finally here is a close up of my hair & make up! I had so much fun researching 1930s looks, it's all red lips, dramatic eyes and beautiful hairstyles. I had planned on curling my hair (finger curls) but found that sadly on the day I didn't have the time. Instead I opted for this twisted up do, which was so easy to create & different for me as I rarely wear my hair up on nights out! It was simply a case of creating a side parting, twisting the front sides of your hair and pinning them back, then taking the remainder of the hair you twist it all together then pin it in a twisted knot at the side. It took about 3mins to do & you only require hair pins & hairspray. I think it really completed the look! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed & leave a comment if you have any questions, ideas of a fun murder mystery theme or simply want to share your experiences of a similar night!

Until next time! Xo

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