Monday, 8 September 2014

September Primark Haul!

Hi Guys!

Today I thought I would share my latest Primark haul with you as I know it can sometimes be hard to know what they currently have in range as there are no collections on their website, so I always find that these blogs are useful!

It's getting to that difficult time of year where Summer is almost a warm, distant memory and the Autumn months start to creep in. I love Autumn/Winter for many reasons…the cosy nights in, dark lipstick, layers of clothing, the TV schedule getting better, Christmas, comfort food and most importantly my birthday, which is the 10th October for those of you asking ;) I do find the transition period from Summer to Autumn slightly awkward though as I can never seem to decide what to wear. I think that during this haul I found some key pieces which will hopefully make the process of deciding what to wear that teensy bit less painful! So let's get started…


Here we have some of my favourite items from the haul…the fedora and the cardigan. I am really not a hat person, for some reason they never seem to suit me but I think I might just get away with this one! It was a bargain at only £7, and it will look great with most Autumnal outfits. It doesn't look too oversized on me which is a real bonus! It is definitely a new favourite accessory of mine, and a key piece for AW14. The cardigan is a beautiful piece, it feels such good quality but only set me back £12. It is made of wool and feels so fluffy and cozy that you won't want to take it off! The cream colour breaks up the outfit well which will be great moving into Autumn where dark colours dominate. The necklace in this picture cost only £2.50 and since wearing it I have been complimented on it so much! It also comes in silver so next time I'm in Primark I will be purchasing that one too. Finally on to the dress. This was another bargain at £8 and taps into the checked monochrome trend that I am starting to see in many stores. The material is polyester but on this dress it doesn't feel too cheap and I think will look great with ankle boots and a pair of tights. As you can see in the second picture, it is cut quite low at the sides which is a trend that I loved this Summer so I am pleased to see it carry over!



This next outfit is a checked dress with some very cute details! The second picture shows the collar, neck tie and the ruffled sleeves which I adore! The dress also includes the black slip that you can see underneath (which is ideal as the dress is very sheer!). This item costs only £13, which I think is very reasonable as once again it is of nice quality and bang on the tartan trend which I am SO HAPPY about being back this Autumn. I really love tartan! I think the shape and length of this dress is very flattering and it's an all-round winner for me. The shoes that I am wearing here were £6, which is a great price for such a comfy pair of pumps. The padding around the insole make them incredibly comfortable so I was very happy with these.

I always love to layer up with a checkered shirt in the AW seasons and needed to add a darker colour to my collection so this was the perfect find. It's great to wear with jeans, a pencil skirt or as a layer over a dress/long vest with some tights and boots. I love these kinds of staple items in my wardrobe as they really are versatile. The shirt was only £8 and of quite thick material, but I did find that it comes up quite big (especially on the sleeves, very wide!) so I will need to take this back and exchange for a smaller size. 

Now this I loooove! It's worn as a twin set here, but they are separate pieces that I have just decided to team together as they are the same (gorgeous!) material. The jumper was £10, and much like the cardigan mentioned previously it is one of the cosiest things I have ever worn. It makes me feel like a sheep! The pastel blue is an unusual colour for AW. but I think that it works well because of the material and it compliments the black quite nicely. I cannot wait to wear this skirt when the weather turns colder. It will look great for work or down time teamed with a shirt or a basic tee and some tights. The mini skirt is back with a vengeance this AW and this item is a really cute & fun take on the trend. I paid £8 for the skirt which made me love it that little bit more! Fab find!

I wanted to show you this top that I purchased as Primark had it in so many different colours and prints and I recommend investing in some. It is a lovely shape, the v-neck is cut in a flattering way that seems to compliment the turned up sleeves. The material is of a good quality (I am actually wearing a black bra underneath it here but you can't see it!) and at only £5 I was very impressed with it. I have been obsessed with camis this Summer so I think this is a nice transitional piece for slightly colder days. I am also wearing burgundy nubuck loafers in this picture (sorry that you can't really see them) but again would highly recommend, they are only £8 and look great with trousers, leggings and tights.

The final 'fashion' piece that I bought were my amazing My Little Pony PJs!! I adore MLP so as soon as I saw these I snatched them up! They have scatterings of glitter on the vest and shorts, they couldn't get any cuter in my opinion. The set cost me £8 which I was more than happy to pay. I find that at the moment it is still quite stuffy during the nights so this is the perfect thing for me to wear to bed. Plus, it's My Little Pony so I would wear it even if it was freezing….!

Before I finish, I just wanted to show you the last item that I bought. I am trying to make a conscious effort to drink more water at the moment as I find that when the weather starts to turn colder, my skin dries out very quickly so I need hydrating. I came across this by the tills and had to get it as it really made me chuckle, plus combines some of my favourite things (cats and French!)

Isn't it cute?! I can't wait to start using it at work!

So that's it for my haul, as always thank you all so much for reading and I hope that you found it useful. Please comment below with your thoughts and let me know whether or not you would like to see another one of these in the future.

Until next time, xo 


  1. Love love LOVE the loafers! I bought two pairs after seeing them on here! Good stuff �� keep em coming �� R x

    1. Why thank you :) I'm glad to have helped! They're such a great staple for any wardrobe. Keep coming back for more tips ;) xo


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