Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Favourites

Hello lovely ones!

It's time for the next instalment of monthly faves...and this month is full of some classic products that I can't get enough of! 

Firstly I'll start with Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral & Flirty Blush. This should be a staple item for everyone's beauty collection, and is an old favourite of mine. It smells divine, and as with all Batiste product the packaging is gorgeous and girly! I use this on days when my hair could do with a wash but I simply haven't got the time to do so! I'm unfortunate in the sense that my hair is very dry on the ends but it seems to produce a lot of oil at the root, so I need to wash my hair every other day to avoid it looking greasy! This is my go-to for inbetween washes & a complete bargain as it lasts for so long. I've just repurchased this bottle from Superdrug and was lucky enough to catch their half price offer, so only paid £2.49 for 400ml. Perfect! The offer is still live online & in stores so go and grab yours quickly! 

My next favourite is something that has finally found its way into my collection! I'm talking about the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, which I purchased for £20 in my local Space NK store. I have heard people rave about these curlers time and time again, so finally gave in to see what all the hype was about! I have to say that I think the hype is well deserved! I'm not a big curler fan as I never seem to get any results with them, but I can really see the difference when I use these! They definitely lengthen my lashes (and evenly which is a rarity for me!), perfect for using before applying mascara/fake lashes.

Next up is the Nivea Sensitive 3in1 Micellar Cleansing Water. I actually first tried this because I received it in my Glossybox, but it's a product I would repurchase without hesitation. All of the main supermarkets & drug stores sell it for between £4-£5. The formula is designed to remove make up whilst deeply cleansing, and feels amazing on my skin. It's cooling, soothing & refreshing, and it's really nice to use a product that doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. It's so light!! I suffer from dry skin on my nose (very annoying!) but since using this the dryness seems to have cleared up quite significantly. 10 out of 10 from me. 

Sticking with facial products, I've decided to include an old favourite of mine in this month's favourites. I first started using Johnsons 'Make Up Be Gone- Pampering' wipes a couple of years ago, but having recently run out of them & being without them for a week or so has made me really appreciate them again! There are 2 things that I love most about these. Firstly, the scent is divine. I usually adore the smell of all Johnsons product, it reminds me of clean & cuddly babies! These wipes do not disappoint in that area, my face always smells very good after using them (reading that back that's actually a really weird sentence, who smells their face?! But you get the idea!!). The second reason for me only wanting to use these is because of how moist they stay. My absolute pet hate with make up wipes is when they dry out in the packet, so when it comes to removing make up they are rough on your skin. It makes me SO MAD!!! I've never had this problem with these, all 25 wipes in the packet retain their moisture very nicely. I always purchase these from Asda as they almost always have them on a '3 packs for £6' offer. Worth every penny in my humble opinion!  

One for the eyebrows now! The HD Brows palette made it into my August Favourites, and now the pencil has made it in to this month's list! I opted for the shade 'Foxy' again to match my palette, as my hair is a light brown I don't want it looking too dark. What's great about this pencil is that the product applies really smoothly, and there is a sharpener built into the lid which is very handy! I simply use the pencil to outline the brows, which I then fill in with my powder from the palette. I couldn't believe what a difference the pencil made, it made the shape so defined and created much cleaner angles that I couldn't achieve with just the powder. It also makes it much easier for me to match both eyebrows!!! I'm so pleased that I started getting HD brows earlier this year, and the products for me to use at home in between appointments are the perfect range/brand extension. Top marks! 

Finally we come on to my last favourite of the month. This comes from L'Oreal, it is the Professionnel Mythic Oil and like the Nivea product I first came across this in my Glossybox (thanks Glossybox team!!). As previously mentioned, the ends of my hair are very dry and I find it hard to make them look healthy without chopping all of my hair off! This oil has actually started to work wonders for me though. I apply a few pumps evenly through the hair (leaving the roots and just concentrating on the mid-lengths to ends), it's best applied to damp hair so I use it once out of the shower. Because it's only a few pumps needed each time I find that the bottle as lasted me really well so far. It can be purchased for £15 from, along with the rest of the range which I must confess I have also gone on to purchase! I would recommend using this site as there is free delivery on orders over £30 and they are very quick to get the product to you. It also saves you lugging the products around in a carrier bag which could be a problem if like me, you want it all! Did I mention that it also smells amazing?! I love it a lot!

And that's it for my September favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading, and if last month was anything to go by then I will be writing my next favourite list in no time...where is time going??!!

Comment below if you would like more info about any of these products, and let me know how you've found them if you've used them. Would they make it on to your favourites list?! 

Until next time xo

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